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CAP-SCHED - Competitive Advantage for Process-intensive Industries by Scheduling with Heuristics-enhanced Simulation and Optimisation

News n.: 16168

Fonte: APRE - del 27/08/2007

Tipo informazione: RICERCA PARTNER

Description Problem being addressed: For processes which require flow scheduling (that is, planning of operations in the short term), very often, the human scheduler is overwhelmed by the sheer combinatorial complexity of the problem. By using artificial intelligence methods linked to mixed-integer linear programming, the solution to be developed by CAP-SCHED aims to drastically reduce the need for the human operator to engage in multiple planning/scheduling loops in order to get to a consistently optimised solution. The aim is to improve the profitability of continuous and semi-continuous processes (e.g. in speciality chemical production, agro-food processing, high volume processes, batch processes) Innovation: The project involves developing a new intelligent scheduling system applicable for companies operating in continuous and semi-continuous process industries. The solution will involve developing a multi-agent framework, in which simulation and algorithmic approaches can be combined. Organisation Type: PMI Partner Sought:
  • SME 1: SOFTWARE ENGINEERING COMPANY, with experience in (distributed) decision support applications and GUI design. Partner located in any country of the EU except France Responsibilities in the project: Responsible for overall software architecture of the CAPSCHED solution – with particular emphasis on the graphical user interface
  • SME 2: INFORMATION SYSTEMS SERVICE COMPANY. Of particular interest is any company with activities in the AGRO-FOOD INDUSTRY. Partner located in any country of the EU except France Responsibilities in the project: Provision of knowledge on flow-process problems and current solutions to planning and scheduling in the agro-food industry.
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  • 7FP-SME : RICERCA A FAVORE DELLE PMI nell'ambito del programma specifico “Capacità” recante attuazione del Settimo programma quadro (2007-2013) di attività comunitarie di ricerca, sviluppo tecnologico e dimostrazione
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