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Tecnologie future ed emergenti: aperto il terzo bando FLAG-ERA

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  • VARIE - UE 28/11/2018


FLAG-ERA è un programma che ha l'obiettivo di supportare due FET Flagships europee (Progetti strategici sulle tecnologie future ed emergenti), ovvero l'Iniziativa Graphene e il Progetto Human Brain

Il terzo bando FLAG-ERA JTC 2019 riguarda due tematiche, una per ogni Flagship. Per ogni tema, la call copre un elenco specifico di aree di ricerca. La parte Graphene del bando è suddivisa in due sub-call, una per la ricerca di base e una per la ricerca applicata e l'innovazione. L'Italia partecipa alla seconda sub-call della call Graphene, ovvero quella per la ricerca applicata e l'innovazione e la call HBP.

Le aree di ricerca della call sono le seguenti:


  1. Synthesis and characterization of layered materials beyond graphene
  2. Graphene and related material for Quantum Technologies
  3. Optimized GRM-based tunnel barriers for efficient spin injection and detection into graphene under operational conditions
  4. Spin torque and layered-materials-based memory building block
  5. Synthesis of monolayers of non-layered compounds
  6. Bacterial degradation of GRMs
  7. Osteoinductivity and immune capacity of GRMs
  8. Soft graphene-based materials for tissue engineering
  9. GRM-based large-area light emitters and arrays
  10. Low temperature growth of layered semiconductors for flexible applications
  11. Nanofluidics based on GRMs
  12. CVD growth of graphene on insulators
  13. Sensors based on GRMs and their heterostructures
  14. Electronic radio-frequency devices and systems based on GRMs
  15. Infrared photodetectors based on GRMs and their heterostructures
  16. LIDAR based on GRMs for autonomous vehicles
  17. Moore’s law continued through GRMs
  18. GRM-based solar modules
  19. Graphene-based cathode materials for Li-ion batteries
  20. Re-usable templates for graphene production


  1. Development and maturation of cognitive processes and multisensory integration at micro- and macro-scales
  2. The role of neurotransmitter systems in human cognition
  3. Subcortical structures: from cognition to action
  4. The neuroscience of decision-making
  5. Studies on biological deep learning and combined declarative and working memory
  6. Disease modelling and simulation
  7. Single cell RNA sequencing of human and mouse brain
  8. Predictive neuroinformatics: A trans-species approach
  9. Testing neuronal models at multiple scales
  10. Automated construction and analysis of models of neurons and networks
  11. Reconstruction of neuronal morphology from microscopic image data
  12. Neuron data format standardization


Quadro di finanziamento
  • HORIZON 2020 : HORIZON 2020 Programma Quadro di Ricerca e Innovazione (2014-2020)
  • Organismi di ricerca
  • Ricerca e innovazione
Area di interesse
  • Unione Europea
Tipo di finanziamento
  • Contributo nella spesa / Cofinanziamento
Stanziamento in euro
  • 600.000