VII PQ - Il Settimo Programma Quadro di RST


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  • The Luxembourg and United Kingdom presidencies signalled in their common draft programme for the year 2005: "Given the central role of the Seventh European Framework Programme for Research and Development for the on-going development of the European Research and Innovation Area the Presidencies will endeavour to ensure that work on the proposal starts in the first half of 2005, leading to a timely launch of the future Programme."
  • Also, the 2005 presidencies stated that: "the Presidencies' efforts will aim to contribute to the development of an overall European space policy", and "consider the role that security-related R&D could play in promoting leading-edge technologies in the context of increasing European competitiveness"
  • January 2005 - Research infrastructure stakeholders invited to participate in online survey of European research infrastructures ending January
  • 16.03.2005 - Results published of online consultation on Research themes in FP7 (closed 31.12.2004)
  • 05.01.2005 - The European Parliament adopted a report by MEP Pia Elda Locatelli on the Commission's proposals for future EU research policy, calling for the main research topics under the Seventh Framework Programme to reflect the strategic priorities of the updated Lisbon agenda
  • 06.04.2005 - The Commission published its official proposals for the Seventh Framework Programme for EU research. Follow its progress on PreLex as it is treated by the Codecision process of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union
  • 06.04.2005 - The Commission also published its official proposal for the Seventh Framework Programme for research under the Euratom treaty. Follow its progress on PreLex
  • 06.04.2005 - The Commission also published its first Framework Programme for Competitiveness and Innovation (CIP), to be closely coordinated with FP7. Follow its progress on PreLex as it is treated by the Codecision process of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union
  • The European Parliament will now report on these proposals, follow the progress within the EP of the CIP, FP7 and Euratom programmes
  • The European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) presented its first 'List of Opportunities' to the Commission on 7 April 2005, listing 23 research infrastructure projects that could be prioritised for funding to meet the research community's needs.
  • 25.04.2005 - The Commission later published its Impact Assesment and Ex Ante Evaluation and Simplification in the Seventh Framework Programme staff working papers
  • 17.07.2005 - Commissioner Potocnik addressed informal Competitiveness Council in Cardiff, UK on FP7 budget and Barcelona 3% target
  • 19.07.2005 - The European Commission announced the 22 names of the Scientific Council of the European Research Council (ERC), a proposed European-level funding organisation for fundamental research (see Specific Programme: Ideas)
  • 06.09.2005 - The public consultation on the proposed measures for simplification of participation in the framework programmes closed - results to be taken into accounting in preparation of proposals for Rules of Participation for FP7
  • 16.09.2005 - A public consultation on whether and how to create a European Institute of Technology (EIT) was opened by the European Commission, to gather the views of stakeholders on how an EIT could strengthen research, education, and market innovation. It will run until mid-November 2005
  • 21.09.2005 - the European Commission approved its detailed plans for implementing the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Provisional versions of the Specific Programmes - the four pillars of Cooperation, Ideas, People, Capacities and by the JRC, as well as research under the Euratom treaty including by the JRC
  • 11.10.2005 - Competitiveness Council meeting in Luxemburg [PDF] debated the structure and programmes of FP7 and the UK Presidency announced its intention to draw up a revised draft of the proposals for debate. There were also presentations from the Commission on life sciences and biotechnology and state aid for innovation.
  • 25.11.2005 - Opinion of the Committee of the Regions
  • 28.11.2005 - Competitiveness Council meeting in Brussels reached a provisional agreement on the structure of FP7 through the so-called 'partial general approach'.
  • 14.12.2005 - European Council agreed on the UK budget proposals for the Financial Perspectives (2007-2013) providing for 75 per cent increase in EU research funds for FP7.
  • 14.12.2005 - The European Economic and Social Committee adopted an opinion.
  • 23.12.2005 - Commission published proposals for Rules of Participation and Dissemination in FP7 under the EC Treaty. Additionnal explanation on the rules for participation [PDF]. See also Euratom Rules of Participation and Dissemination published on 07.02.2006.



  • First FP7 projects to be launched
  • Financial Perspectives of the Union 2007-2013 enter into effect
  • A European Space Policy, implemented through a European Space Programme, expected to enter into force. EU contribution to research in this programme will mainly come from FP7, complemented by the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) and other initiatives.
  • A Community-funded European Security Research Programme (ESRP) ensuring the involvement of all Member States should be launched as early as 2007