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PaperTrack: development of RFID-based paper roll supply chain management solution for paper and printing industry

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  • APRE 21/10/2009

Call Identifier: Research for SME Call 2010 (FP7-SME-2010-1)
Activity Area: Research for the benefit of SMEs
Funding Schemes: Research for the benefit of specific groups (SME)
Evaluation Scheme: Complete Proposal
Sub Area 1: Machinery / Instruments / Sensors
Sub Area 2: Information and Communication Technologies

The aim of PaperTrack system is to develop RFID-based paper roll supply chain management solution for paper and printing industry.

Proposal Outline:

Many printing plants face daily a problem of absence of reliable, real-time figures on paper movement and inventories. As printing order lengths are decreasing rapidly due to changing reading habits e.g. in magazines due to ever increasing variety of specialized titles, this leads often to a substantial number of partly-used paper rolls at printing houses, which may be left over at the end of production and must be manually re-entered in the stores records. It often gives rise to errors even in the most conscientious book-keeping. As a consequence time-consuming searches for errant paper rolls reduce the efficiency of the use of raw materials and production that can finally cause delays in shipments. The potential for cutting costs by optimising substrate and warehouse logistics is often underestimated.

The problem stated above, however, can be overcome by using some electronic, authomatized identification system that would enable to identify each paper roll individually. PaperTrack project focuses on development of RFID for tracing paper rolls automatically throughout the all production value chain - from the paper manufacturing up to printing machine.

The main aim of PaperTrack is to increase performance of the printing houses by the automation of existing processes, including Supply Chain Management (SCM) by:

• decreasing the capital costs of SMEs by limiting the phenomena of over-warehousing of raw materials;
• optimising raw material usage and minimising production time;
• following the paper roll during the whole value chain in the printing industry providing traceability.

The achievement of these aims requires the research and development of specific, system integration aspects of RFID technology.

Our specific technological objectives are:

• Manufacturing, integration and tuning of RF antennas for attachment to recyclable paper roll cores. Proper, cost-effective equipment (payback time less than 2 years) for tags positioning and reading equipment.
• Automated installation of RFID tags onto the paper roll cores in reliability of 99.95%.
• Automated communication of information, stored into RFID tags throughout the value chain.
• To achieve omni-directional radio signal measurement around the paper roll surface at a distance > 1 m.
• Information about the paper rolls is integrated into the process management and supply chain management software system.

RFID, paper manufacturing, print house

Already existing consortium:

The core RTO-s are indentified and also some SME participants, including coordinator.

Partners sought and role in the project:

  1. SME1: machinery for assembling of RFID tags to paper roll cores. Preferably paper manufacturing industry or printing industry machinery supplier. SME1 will participate with small amoun of work in component technology development, system validation and will have a cleare position in business supply chain. Potential annual increasing of sale by € 30 Million since 2013.
  2. SME2: Print house, using paper roll cores and interested in improving performance by automation of internal supply chain and reduction of costs for warehousing by 25%. Will participate in technology valiodation.
  3. SME3: RFID antenna manufacturer. Will participate in antenna design and have position in business supply chain with opportunity to increase of sale by € 20 Million since 2013.

Paper mill, can be large enterprise - route to market. Will participate in technology validation. Benefits: First on the market with new technology, reduction of warehousing and logistics costs by 12%.

The Proposer is looking for a Coordinator: No

Eesti Innovatsiooni Instituut
Type of Organisation: Research Center
Country: Estonia

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  • PS-SME-EE-358
Quadro di finanziamento
  • 7FP-SME : RICERCA A FAVORE DELLE PMI nell'ambito del programma specifico “Capacità” recante attuazione del Settimo programma quadro (2007-2013) di attività comunitarie di ricerca, sviluppo tecnologico e dimostrazione
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