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Invito a presentare proposte nell'ambito del programma di lavoro «Idee» 2012 del settimo programma quadro comunitario per la ricerca, lo sviluppo tecnologico e le attività di dimostrazione

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Si avvertono gli interessati della pubblicazione di un invito a presentare proposte, nell'ambito del programma di lavoro «Idee» del 2012 del settimo programma quadro di azioni comunitarie di ricerca, sviluppo tecnologico e dimostrazione (2007-2013).

In particolare, la Commissione europea invita a presentare proposte nell'ambito del programma di lavoro Idee del 2012 per azioni di supporto all'ERC nell'ambito della sua strategia di monitoraggio e di valutazione relativa agli aspetti di genere. Di seguito tutti i dettagli.

The Scientific Council has developed a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) strategy in order to help it fulfil its obligations under the Ideas Specific Programme to establish the ERC's overall strategy and to monitor and quality control the programme’s implementation from the scientific perspective.

Its M&E strategy will:

  • provide a sound evidence base to assess objectively the performance and impact of the ERC and make necessary adjustments;
  • enhance the understanding of the dynamics in the research landscape in Europe (and beyond) in order to recalibrate ERC strategies in view of changes in the wider context in which the ERC operates;
  • be both robust (in terms of the reliability of data basis and the rigour of its analysis) and flexible (in terms of manageable burden on budget and data providers such as ERC grantees);

While aiming at the specific needs of the ERC, the strategy has been developed – and continues to be refined - in liaison with the other programmes of the 7th Framework Programme, to draw experience from the latter and to meet, in a co-ordinated way, the Commission's obligations for programme monitoring and evaluation, as well as the specific evaluation requirements established in the legislation for the ERC. The Scientific Council has initiated a range of projects and studies to support this strategy. These have been implemented through Coordination and Support Actions (CSA), to solicit proposals for relevant studies and analysis, to issue calls tenders for services on specific topics and to draw on external expertise through expert group contracts.

In 2012 the Scientific Council wishes to launch two calls. The first will support the ongoing work of the Gender Balance Working Group of the ERC Scientific Council in formulating recommendations to the Scientific Council to improve the gender balance in ERC funding activities. The second will look at the organisational characteristics of those institutions hosting ERC grantees.

ERC-2012-Support-1 call on "Gender aspects in career structures and career paths"
The focus of the studies should be on gender aspects in career structures and career paths of male and female ERC grantees and non-successful ERC applicants as well as of potential applicants that never apply as a control group. The studies could be limited to, but should include, researchers relevant for the Starting Grant Life Science domain. Furthermore it should be longitudinal studies including all stages of the careers from the university degree to the current position of ERC grantees. The studies may include:

  • Differences in terms of publications, invitations to conferences, citations, positions, teaching, funding, or recruitment;
  • Differences in mobility behaviour and international networking;
  • The career impact of work balance, family background or specific support measures of ERC host institutions (e.g. spouses, child care, moving allowances etc.);
  • Career breaks and unconventional career paths;
  • Future career perspectives taking into account national research systems;

Project durations could be of up to one year. It is foreseen that a range of different methods could be appropriate, recognising that different approaches may be appropriate for different disciplines. In all cases, the expected output of the studies should have an impact on the ERC's operations and should not be of a theoretical nature.

  • : Termine per la presentazione delle proposte
Quadro di finanziamento
  • 7FP-IDEAS : IDEE: programma specifico del Settimo programma quadro (2007-2013) di attività comunitarie di ricerca, sviluppo tecnologico e dimostrazione
  • Studi ed attività di supporto
Area di interesse
  • Unione Europea
Stanziamento in euro
  • 150.000