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Alcuni approfondimenti sul programma di lavoro 2016-2017 di Horizon 2020

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  • VARIE - UE 18/12/2014

In un incontro organizzato questa settimana da IGLO, il Gruppo informale di uffici di collegamento RST, è stato presentato uno schema di programma di lavoro dell'Unione europea per gli anni 2016-2017 su Horizon 2020.

As part of the presentation given by Neville Reeve, a policy officer at the European Commission, lessons where drawn from the first stages of Horizon 2020 and notably the 65 funding calls for research projects which were already launched in 2014. Corrective measures were announced, especially regarding the visibility of the work programme and delays in handling questions and providing information. As a measure to manage over-subscription to the calls, a 'two-stage evaluation' process should be implemented in several of them in the future. Finally, a need to increase international cooperation through the participation of extra-European participants in Horizon 2020 projects was identified.

Opinions of key stakeholders involved in the development of the work programme will be sought during the summer of 2015. The work programme's final adoption is planned for the third quarter of 2015.

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  • HORIZON 2020 : HORIZON 2020 Programma Quadro di Ricerca e Innovazione (2014-2020)
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  • Unione Europea