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Bando Sustainable Blue Economy: pubblicati i risultati della valutazione

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  • VARIE - UE 30/08/2018

La Commissione europea ha pubblicato i risultati della valutazione del bando Sustainable Blue Economy finanziato dall'European Maritime and Fisheries Fund.

Complessivamente sono stati selezionati per il finanziamento 19 progetti; l'Italia è presente in 7 progetti. Di seguito i progetti selezionati per area:

Strand 1 - Progetti dimostrativi per l'economia blu

  • EASY FEED: Eco-aquaponics systems – 100% sustainable and profitable EU fish-farming
  • DiveSafe: Integrated system for scientific and environmental underwater surveys, with advanced health & safety features
  • SpaceTech4Sea: Implementing Aerospace Technology on Marine LNG Applications Promoting Sustainable Blue Economy
  • SpecTUNA: Automated modular system for cutting and classifying frozen tuna using hyperspectral characterization
  • DEMO-BLUESMARTFEED: Demonstration project of a smart technology for monitoring the delivery of feed for a sustainable aquaculture
  • LEAPWind: Leading Edge Advanced Protection using novel thermoplastic materials and processes for offshore Wind turbine lades
  • AlgaeDemo: Demonstration of large scale seaweed cultivation at open sea and the positive effects thereof on the ocean
  • GREENing the BLUE: bound4blue wingsail demonstration project
  • FTL-FISH: Follow The Light – LED devices to lower non-target catch in retail supply chain

Strand 2 - Strategie e tecnologie efficienti in materia di rifiuti marini 

  • BLUENET: Creating new life for discarded fishing and aquaculture gears to prevent marine litter generation
  • NetTag: Tagging fishing gears and enhancing on board best-practices to promote waste free fisheries
  • OCEANETS: Technological approaches for circular economy solutions in terms of prevention, recover, re-use and recycle of fishing gears to obtain added-value products in the textile industry
  • AQUA-LIT: Preventive Measures for Averting the Discarding of Litter in the Marine Environment from the Aquaculture Industry

Strand 3 - Reti blu per il Mediterraneo

  • Cluster ACT: Aggregation and Collaboration Tools to enhance cluster network in the maritime sector
  • DEEP BLUE: Developing Education and Employment Partnerships for a Sustainable Blue Growth in the Western Mediterranean Region
  • MedSkippers: Professional skippers in the Mediterranean
  • CMES-WestMed: Common Maritime Education Standards in the West Mediterranean
  • ENSAMBLE: Expertise and Networking to Sustain Actions in Med through Blue and Local Economy

Strand 4 - Azioni congiunte per un'Economia Blu sostenibile nel Mediterraneo

  • AFRIMED: Algal Forest Restoration In the MEDiterranean Sea
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