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H2020 SU-DRS01-2019 Spanish university seeks a data science company and an entity working with refugees for Horizon 2020 proposal in the areas of Border and External Security (BES) of the WP Secure Societies

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  • SIMPLER 09/05/2019

A Department of Law of a Spanish university leads a consortium which seeks to improve the current data collection and processing mechanisms at the EU border controls with the objective of establishing a tool that will allow centralizing all information collected when migrants enter the EU territory and use it jointly by all Member States.
An IT tool designer is sought for the management of migration movements and an entity working with refugees for SU-DRS01-2019 from WP Secure Societies.

Type and role of partners sought:

There are 2 types of entities sought:

1) A data scientist expert who will be in charge of modelling and creating a tool with the following functionalities:
- Prediction migration flows coming from countries of origin to the EU: It will establish a modelling platform that can be used to assess the effect of newly emerging conflicts and high-level policy decisions on the patterns of immigration. The machine learning algorithm will require constant attention and vigilance to ensure that the predictions they provide are as accurate and as unbiased as possible and that any irregularities are addressed as soon as they arise.
- Map of tensions, job opportunities and policies in the EU Member States: By matching information obtained in the selected Members States about attitudes towards migrants, job market suitable for refugees and national policies and data, a map will identify the hubs of conflict among migrants and EU citizens, and offer solutions to improve the integration of refugees and asylum seekers in the host Member State.

2) First responders, actors working closely with refugees:
- End-users of a tool that predict migration and identify tension/violence areas.
- Entities involved in case studies with asylum seekers/refugees.
- Actors equipped with qualitative, quantitative methods of data collection.

Per ulteriori informazioni finalizzate ad attivare una partnership, segnaliamo che è possibile:

  • scrivere all'indirizzo e-mail simpler@aster.it , se localizzati nella regione Emilia-Romagna
  • individuare l'ente di riferimento per la propria regione sul sito ufficiale di Enterprise Europe Network, se localizzati in altre regioni d'Italia riportando, in ogni caso, il codice: RDES20190321001
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