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UK-based SME is looking for antibody-drug conjugate partner for consortium for Eurostars proposal

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  • SIMPLER 12/06/2019

Biological molecules are increasingly important as therapeutic agents, for example antibody-drug conjugates, but difficulties in production to the required amounts and quality remains a barrier. UK and Netherlands SMEs have technologies that may act synergistically to overcome this barrier. They want to examine this using antibody drug conjugates as a test case in a Eurostars proposal and are looking for a partner with expertise in antibody-drug conjugates under a research cooperation agreement.

Type and role of partners sought:

The UK and Netherlands SMEs are looking for a partner to join their Eurostars consortium that has expertise in antibody drug conjugates. They would want this partner to provide knowledge and practical expertise in terms of linking the biologics produced by the new methodology into an antibody drug conjugate and measure its effectiveness and toxicity compared to standard controls. This partner can come from industry or academia / research. The partnership will be in the form of a research cooperation agreement.

Per ulteriori informazioni finalizzate ad attivare una partnership, segnaliamo che è possibile:

  • scrivere all'indirizzo e-mail simpler@art-er.it, se localizzati nella regione Emilia-Romagna
  • individuare l'ente di riferimento per la propria regione sul sito ufficiale di Enterprise Europe Network, se localizzati in altre regioni d'Italia riportando, in ogni caso, il codice: RDUK20190611001
Identificativo dell'invito
  • RDUK20190611001
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Area di interesse
  • Unione Europea