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IPR e Open Science, Infrastrutture tecnologiche: online due paper dell'associazione europea EARTO

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  • VARIE - UE 31/07/2020

Sono disponibli online due nuovi paper dell'EARTO - European Association of Research and Technology Organisations: "Towards a Balanced Approach Between IPRs and Open Science Policy" e "Setting-up a European Strategy for Technology Infrastructures".

Con la prima pubblicazione l'EARTO propone una serie di raccomandazioni per promuovere un approccio equilibrato tra i diritti di proprietà intellettuale e la politica dell'Open Science in Europa. In particolare:

  • Raccomandazione 1Ensure a stable and robust EU Regulatory and Policy framework recognising IP’s crucial role in fostering knowledge co-creation, which is essential to boost technology development and industry’s uptake of innovation, for high socio-economic impact
  • Raccomandazione 2Foster a balanced approach between Open Science and IP policies in Europe. The concepts of Open Science and Open Innovation based on IPR should be promoted hand in hand. By ensuring that RD&I partners can capture part of the value created in common, Open Innovation enables to connect the fruits of Open Science to their efficient commercialisation in the market

Con la seconda pubblicazione "Setting-up a European Strategy for Technology Infrastructures" l'EARTO presenta una serie di raccomandazioni per contribuire all'elaborazione e all'attuazione efficiente di una nuova strategia dell'UE per le infrastrutture tecnologiche. In particolare:

  • Raccomandazione 1: Prioritise technology infrastructures in new EU and national policies, including in the new European Research Area (ERA) strategy, and make the key role they have in EU RD&I ecosystems more visible at EU level
  • Raccomandazione 2Ensure the creation and long-term sustainability of the necessary technology infrastructures at EU level
  • Raccomandazione 3:  Support pan-European access to technology infrastructures by companies of all sizes to leverage their innovation capabilities.
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