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Il ruolo della rete Enterprise Europe Network nel processo di coaching dello strumento per le PMI

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  • VARIE - UE 26/03/2015

Nell'ambito dello Strumento per le PMI di Horizon 2020, i beneficiari non solo ricevono soldi, ma possono anche beneficiare di un massimo di 15 giorni di business coaching. In ogni regione c'è una persona all'interno della Enterprise Europe Network - il Key Account Manager (KAM) - pronta ad aiutare i beneficiari che identificano le sfide che devono affrontare, i loro bisogni di coaching e nella selezione dei migliori coach.

The Key Account Manager ensures that an SME Instrument beneficiary receives the most appropriate services and support to optimise the exploitation of its innovation project. The aim is also to leave the SME with a footprint for future sustainable growth.

The key activities of the KAMs are the following:

  • Conducting a needs analysis together with the SME to identify the potential barriers to future growth and to define the priorities for coaching;
  • Proposing coaches with profiles matching the SME needs and support the SME in the selection process;
  • Ensuring that all relevant additional support from the regional innovation eco-system is introduced to the SME.
  • Identifying the next steps to help the SME on their growth trajectory.

Depending on the challenges the SME is facing and on their priorities, the coach will deliver one of the three following services:

  • Business development: identification, analysis and evaluation of potential business opportunities, the definition of business segments and the development of an effective marketing mix including the monitoring of its implementation;
  • Organisation: mobilize all the resources of the SME to ensure the efficiency and performance of the company;
  • Cooperation: support SMEs in planning and implementing innovation partnerships and project consortia
Quadro di finanziamento
  • HORIZON 2020 : HORIZON 2020 Programma Quadro di Ricerca e Innovazione (2014-2020)
  • H2020-INNOSMEs : INNOVAZIONE NELLE PMI nell'ambito dell'obiettivo specifico "Leadership nelle tecnologie abilitanti e industriali" del pilastro Leadership Industriale di Horizon 2020
Area di interesse
  • Unione Europea