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Conferenza "From Aho to Junker: Dawn or dusk for innovation demand. Which policies stimulate demand for innovation in times of budgetary consolidation?" - Bruxelles, 17 novembre 2015

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  • VARIE - UE 20/10/2015

The European Commission's DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs holds a conference in Brussels on the 17th of November about "Dawn or dusk for innovation demand: Which policies stimulate demand for innovation in times of budgetary consolidation?".  

The Aho report put innovation-friendly markets at the core of the policy for an innovative Europe almost 10 years ago. The Commission gives top priority to improving the investment environment. Incentives for additional investment in R&D should be raised by better conditions on the markets, notably to purchase new goods and services. 

The conference examines the experience made since Aho with market and demand-side policies for innovation. Evidence and best practices will reflect the state of the art in demand-side innovation policy with measures such as: innovation procurement, tax incentives, regulation, and awareness campaign. Industrialists from large and small companies will present their experience with market conditions and demand to suggest new policy designs to improve the investment conditions.

The morning session will offer the opportunity to learn about lessons learnt after a decade of demand-side innovation policies. The afternoon will be dedicated to companies' voices: in six parallel sessions they can formulate their views about what could raise their innovation-driven growth in their market areas. Taken together both sessions are expected to give fresh input to regional innovation endeavours for smart specialisation.  

Conference attendants will take away informed outlooks on the future innovation policies in the light of the evidence and the context of the current policy orientation in the Union.

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