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Conferenza sui progetti SPIRE - Bruxelles, 20 aprile 2016

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  • VARIE - UE 31/03/2016

SPIRE is organising a conference to introduce its current project portfolio. This continues last year’s event “Introducing SPIRE-2014 projects” that attracted a large audience from the SPIRE community and beyond. The event on 20 April will feature SPIRE projects granted funding in 2014 and 2015 and will take place at the Silken Berlaymont Hotel on Boulevard Charlemagne in Brussels.

The SPIRE projects conference will aim to:

  • Disseminate the objectives and targets of the current SPIRE projects to the broad audience of SPIRE members, the European Commission, supporters, partners and other stakeholders
  • Discuss possible synergies and actions that can support the projects deliver on their objectives as well as future uptake of their deliverables

The meeting agenda will be organised around specific technological areas allowing representatives of various projects to learn about approaches and innovations in other projects, to exchange experiences on common issues and discuss new ideas.

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Quadro di finanziamento
  • H2020-SPIRE : Partenariato Pubblico-privato (Contractual PPP) denominato Processo sostenibile dell'Industria attraverso la gestione delle Risorse e l'Efficienza energetica (SPIRE) nell'ambito di Horizon 2020, il Programma Quadro di Ricerca e Innovazione dell’Unione europea
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  • Unione Europea