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Webinar: Investing in our Oceans: how to make it happen - 2 giugno 2016

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  • VARIE - UE 25/05/2016

Where to find and how to access the money needed to invest in sustainable blue projects? This webinar will cover the major ways to fund projects in blue economy and show how project promoters can combine different funding sources.

From 2 pm to 3.30 pm, experts will be on call to answer questions on:

  • European Investment Plan for Europe (EFSI)
  • European Structural Investment Funds and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund
  • Horizon 2020 SME Instrument
  • Funding for marine research and innovation

Languages: all presentations will be in English but during the Q&A session you can also send in your questions in French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Greek and Bulgarian.

Send your questions:

By e-mail to mare-webmaster@ec.europa.eu 

On Twitter to @EU_MARE using the hashtag #EUGreenWeek 

Data evento
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Quadro di finanziamento
  • HORIZON 2020 : HORIZON 2020 Programma Quadro di Ricerca e Innovazione (2014-2020)
  • FONDI STRUTTURALI 2014-2020 : I nuovi strumenti per la riforma della politica di coesione nel periodo 2014-2020
  • H2020-INNOSMEs : INNOVAZIONE NELLE PMI nell'ambito dell'obiettivo specifico "Leadership nelle tecnologie abilitanti e industriali" del pilastro Leadership Industriale di Horizon 2020
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  • Unione Europea