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Aperta nuova call per esperti EIP-AGRI per tre Focus Group entro l'11 luglio 2016

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  • VARIE - UE 17/06/2016

The European Commission is launching a call for experts such as farmers, foresters, advisers, scientists and other relevant actors for three new EIP-AGRI Focus Groups. The Focus Groups will start working in October 2016 and are expected to present their results and recommendations within 12 months. Candidates for each of the Focus Groups below are invited to apply in accordance to the rules set out in this notice for the purpose specified.

For the current call, experts, farmers, foresters, advisers, researchers and others1 are invited to apply for participation in Focus Groups on the following topics:

21: Robust and resilient dairy production systems

22: Agroforestry: introducing woody vegetation into specialised crop and livestock systems

23: Diseases and pests in viticulture

If you have practical experience on any of these topics and would like to share this with 19 other experts to identify promising and inspiring ideas for innovation, you can apply by 11 July 2016.

Joining an EIP-AGRI Focus Group allows you to share your knowledge and to learn from peers. It may also help broaden your professional European network, and form the start of a new cooperation.


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  • H2020-EIP-Agri : Partenariato europeo per l’innovazione in agricoltura (EIP-AGRI) nell'ambito di Horizon 2020, il Programma Quadro di Ricerca e Innovazione dell’Unione europea
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